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  EMScandal refers to the "Electromagnetic Signals-monitoring and signals-assault scandal".

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WebSite Note (last updated:  June 26, 2012):
    This WebSite will (hopefully) be updated during the coming months.
    -    Part of the function of this website is to report upon the status of the pending Federal Policy Change (ordered 3/27/97) to BAN Non-Consensual U.S. Classified Human Experimentation. 
         As of  mid-February 2012the information at this website about the pending Federal Policy Change  (ordered 3/27/97 by President Clinton) is still [I sadly report] up to date.   The Bush Administration, for its 8 year duration,  did not publicly take up continued action on this important government-wide Federal Policy Change, even though many other Clinton-initiated Policy Changes were publicly acted upon (on their relative merits [or so we hope]).   The pending Policy Change has unquestionable merit (by all modern standards of human rights, and human behavior), and therefore ought to be completed immediately by the Obama Administration.  I suggest that any U.S. citizen reading this who hasn't written to our U.S. Government about this matter recently should do so.   (For suggestions about what to write, see the Petition part of my "August-September 2004 Press Release with Petition"  [click the first link below].) 

The purpose of this site is:
- to make available to any U.S. Citizen my May-August- 2000, and other, Press Release(s) and Petition(s), so that people can be informed of this WORTHY CAUSE, and can consider PETITIONING our U.S. Government from a position of knowledge. PLEASE HELP PETITION OUR U.S. GOVERNMENT TO STOP THIS CRIME!
- to inform the public; and, to inform victims of signals-monitoring and/or assault.

Topics covered by this site:
-   Non-consensual electromagnetic signals-monitoring and signals-assault of the human body perpetrated by the U.S. Government, against 300 - 500 (or probably more) citizens across the U.S..
-   Science and Technology related to the EMScandal -
    Our U.S. Government is literally holding back 100's of billions of dollars a year of Industry, in diverse areas, including: Brain-Computer InterfacingNeurology (revolutionary neurological diagnosis, and some treatment, to the neural level!!); Psychology and Psychiatry (brain monitoring! and thought-monitoring!) [Billion dollar medical industries, where "best treatment" is an Ethical requirement]; criminal justice [truth monitoring! and thought and memory monitoring], including the Clearing of all wrongly-accused persons (whose memories of events would serve as physical evidence); andrecreational applications [such as 'neuromuscular' computer-guided sports training]; orother applications, such as: search-and-rescue [including: firefighting]; ; .
-   PETITIONING INFORMATION. Please Help Petition our Government to Stop this Crime!
   My August-September 2004 Press Release with Petition is available at:
          https://www.homestead.com/EMScandal/files/august04.html .
   My July-August 2002 update of my July-August 2000 Press Release with Petition is available at:
          https://www.homestead.com/EMScandal/files/july02.htm .     
   My  July-August 2000 Press Release with Petition is available at:
          https://www.homestead.com/EMScandal/files/july00.htm .  (Versions of this Press Release and Petition were distributed from May 2000 to November 2000.)

   (For older Press Releases of: Nov.-Dec. 1999; and, Oct.-Nov. 1999;, see:
          https://www.homestead.com/EMScandal/files/oldfliers/index.htm .)

    For the addresses of your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative, see:
           http://www.vote-smart.org (at the top right side of the screen, in the search box at "Search By ..", enter your 9-digit zipcode: this lists your Elected Officials, including President and Vice President, and your local officials; click on the type of official; click on your elected official's name;  click on "See Full Biographical and Contact Information";  see "Contact Information"); or,
           http://www.commoncause.org/FindElectedOfficials (enter your zipcode and then, to the right of the zipcode, click "GO".  Note: for searches by zipcode at commoncause.org,  your full 9-digit zipcode may be required for accuracy).

Other topics  covered by this website:
- U.S. Government action on:
    -  topic:  Non-Consensual U.S. Classified Human Research - notably includes:
             -   Federal Policy Change ordered by President Clinton, but obstructed [as of  mid-January 2009]; and, a proposed-Law in the 1997-98 U.S. Congress;
             -   partly covered by this website:  a proposed-Law in the 2009-2010 U.S. Congress,  H.R. 1715, proposes to ban funding of non-consensual U.S. classified human research.  I believe that such a funding ban would be a helpful addition to, but not a substitute for, the types of laws which I have suggested at this web site.  H.R. 1715 (2009-2010 U.S. Congress),  proposed in March 2009, is an enhanced re-proposal of legislation first proposed in  June 2000,  as H.R. 4605 (1999-2000 U.S. Congress), and re-proposed in May 2002, as H.R. 4697 (2001-2002 U.S. Congress), and re-proposed in November 2003, as H.R. 3594 (2003-2004 U.S. Congress), and re-proposed in June 2006, as H.R. 5578 (2005-2006 U.S. Congress).
                     -  not covered by this website, but here mentioned: a proposed-Law in the 2001-2002 U.S. Congress, H.R. 2977, of October 2001, specifically proposed to Ban the use of  Space-Based Weapons by the U.S., and defines "weapons" to include: 
                                        -  "land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations".  ]

    -  topic:  Executive Order 13107, of Dec. 10, 1998 "Implementation of Human Rights Treaties" [no news yet at this site on this topic];

    -  topic [June 26, 2012]:  http://www.homestead.com/EMScandal/files/June2012flyer ;
    -  topic [June 25, 2007]:  temporary shadow website for JuneAction07 directory of www.Freedomfchs.com website; see:       https://www.homestead.com/EMScandal/files/JuneAction07_tempshadow_ffchs .  

    I, the author of this Website, am an innocent victim of yet-Ongoing electromagnetic-signals monitoring and assault, of my body and brain, day and night, for over 21 years  (since October 1990), with my knowledge of it, and with my complaining about it.  Prior to October 1990, I was a victim of serious covert  electromagnetic signals-assault [without my knowledge, at the time], by the U.S. Government, in 1986, 1987, 1989, and 1990.
   Via 1 or more telephone calls, letters, and/or meetings in person, I know of 80 - 90 or so other victims of various monitoring and/or assault. (As noted above, there are 300 - 500 (or probably more) victims across the U.S..)
    I am a college graduate with a B.S. degree in Computer Science (with mathematics), May 1983, from Duke University. I first became a victim on Dec. 31, 1985, while working as a Software Engineer (computer programmer) at a biomedical electronics company in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York.
    Please HELP PETITION our U.S. Government to Stop this Crime!

Topics:  electromagnetic signals-monitoring and/or signals-assault, of the human body; Non-Consensual U.S. Classified Human Research; electromagnetic weapons; mind-control using electromagnetic signals upon the human body (and brain); non-lethal weapons; bio frequency science and technology; brain-reading; brain-monitoring, thought-monitoring, full-body monitoring; artificial dreams; bio frequency assault; multiple satellites' monitoring and assault; satellite prisoner, satellite hostage; Illegal Human Experimentation; ILLEGAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION, ONGOING CRIME BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT; ; 

This web site, now located at https://www.homestead.com/EMScandal , was originally located at: http://members1.visualcities.com/EMScandal , from November 1999 to January 2001.